Missions and Meatballs

I’m finally here. Six months ago, when I decided that I wanted to create a charitable clothing company, I have to admit I underestimated the process.  Initially, I approached the task like I approach most things- head-on.   Standing in my kitchen making meatballs, I calmly told my husband that I would put every ounce of energy I could into this project. But I quickly learned that even with the best of efforts, some things, like meatballs, would come together only when they were meant to, and no amount of blood, sweat, breadcrumbs, or tears could expedite the process.  (Although goodness knows, there were plenty of tears.)

It was a bumpy ride, and to be honest with you, I’m still learning as I go. I’ve made countless mistakes along the way, but I’m still moving forward.  I’ve had to surrender to the idea that this will not look perfect. Yes to the process instead of the goal. Oh, I guess I should state my goal and the whole purpose behind this company. I created Breathe & Bstyll because I saw a lack of affordable mental health care in my field. So many people, millennials mainly, working two jobs, going from school to internships, who simply couldn’t afford (or didn’t have time), to see a therapist. Because of their hectic schedule, millennials often can be people that self-diagnose, self-treat, and even self-medicate, validating their approach information about mental health found on YouTube or social media. While there is a lot of helpful information on those platforms, free information isn’t always good information.

On this blog you can expect real, accurate information from me about topics such as anxiety, depression, and how to survive in the field as a mental health practitioner. I will also try to interact with you, and answer questions, or discuss any requested topic.

Another reason I created this company was to advance my mission to provide mental health resources to people in need. A portion of every sale will be donated to The National Alliance for Mental Illness, and/or other organizations.

In case you’re wondering about the name of the company, I’m a big advocate for mindfulness and meditation, and I will be writing about some of that too.

This will have to be it for now, but I just want to say thank you for reading my first blog. Thank you for supporting me and taking an interest in this company. Thank you in advance if you ever to decide to purchase anything, and thank you for supporting small businesses.

Kellie Brunton