breathe & Bstyll

Breathe & Bstyll was created in 2017 by a therapist in Philadelphia.  She wanted to impact the mental health community in a big way, frequently using mindfulness and meditation when working with clients in her private practice, as well as in her own life. The more she worked with adolescents and millennials, the more she came to realize how challenging finding and affording mental health care could be. She decided to create a clothing company that was mindfulness and meditation inspired, that would donate a portion of its net profits to The National Alliance in Mental Illness, and other organizations that provide support to people living with mental illness. It started with a tee-shirt, but became so much more than that. Along with creating cute clothes, the goal of Breathe & Bstyll is to create awareness, promote psycho-education, and advocate for individuals and families living with mental illness. Breathe & Bstyll is a clothing company that encourages people to be present in the moment; to stop, take a breath, and just notice what is happening around us. Thank you so much for your support.